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The food and beer was really good, the staff knowledgeable and also flexible. The range of food was good and the fish served was to perfection.
-Joe E

Walking inside it's like a tardis and you are transported to Spain. The tapas was all totally delicious and imaginative, with generous portions. The staff were friendly, service was perfect and the live music was great. The cook here is really talented! Honestly one of the best meals I have ever had in London.
-Bee B

Fantastic restaurant with friendly staff and the most authentic Spanish food I've had in London. Amazing tapitas, a good selection of wine and a lovely atmosphere. I recommend it to everybody.
-Davide P

The food is some of the best and most authentic Spanish tapas we have had outside of Madrid, all with the backdrop of live music. In all we had 10 different dishes, all excellent and freshly prepared.
-John M.

Went there with lots of friends and had an amazing time. The atmosphere was very fun and the service was impeccable. Such a variety of different foods and cocktails which were all delicious.
-Fran C

Great menu and excellent wine list to match. Service was friendly and well-paced. For a Monday night the place was full which says something especially in this area where there is no lack of competition.
-Paulo C


Since started El Metro is now a vibrant example of the neighborhoods continuous transformation. One of the most beautiful and unique restaurants Fulham has to offer, El Metro features Mediterranean cuisine with a Spanish flare, seasonally crafted cocktails, and awe-inspiring inspiring ambiance.

Welcome to El Metro

El Metro opened in 1989 and has been a success ever since. The secret of this success is that El Metro is not only a restaurant; it's a corner of Spain in Fulham. The moment you step in, you are transported to Spain. The food, the live music, the ambience and our unique terrance are all part of its magic. We provide an intelligent combination of traditional Spanish dishes and a fantastic selection of seafood dishes, be it prawns, whitebait, mussels, lobster or whole fish. The carnivores needn't worry though, as our menu offers a wide selection of meat tapas and main dishes.

Why El Metro?

Discover the rich and varied sides of Spanish cuisine with a creative, dynamic twist at El Metro in Fulham. Our menu offers a delicious and alluring entry into discovering new textures, flavours, and ingredients that mix and complement one another. At El Metro, our team has an excellent sense of pride in everything we do. We strive to make your customer experience a memorable and enjoyable one. For over two decades, the cuisine, value for money and the unique and warm atmosphere of El Metro have kept customers returning time and time again.

Indulge all your senses

Our menu is the driving force of El Metro. Our chefs are experienced and dedicated to providing excellent quality dishes and appetising flavours. Our extensive wine menu offers a selection specifically chosen to complement your food and as well as offering the classic cocktails, El Metro is proud to provide delectable bespoke cocktails. The venue itself is warm and inviting, emulating an authentic Spanish tapas bar and restaurant. The visual of the terracotta roof tiling above our bar and our famous El Metro bull hanging on the wall, are sure to leave a lasting impression. On selected evenings, we provide live Spanish music which is played throughout the night, to further transport you to Spain. El Metro offers an experience beyond other restaurants in Fulham. We strive to make everything about your experience authentic, through taste, sight and sound

+44 (0)207 384 1264